• Search and Manage Education Walkthrough through Apple School Manager

    The Apps and Books feature provides a streamlined purchasing process. You can buy apps and books available in the App Store and in Apple Books. Search for an app or book In Apple School Manager, sign in with an account that has privileges to buy content. To view and edit who…

  • Add Users to Your School

    As a School and/or District Admin, you have the ability to add users to your school or a school in your district. There are two ways to accomplish this. Option 1 – User already has an account Log in to the Education Walkthrough Dashboard Once you are logged in, select a…

  • Share Teachers and Templates

    One of the most sought out features of Education Walkthrough is the ability to share teachers and templates across an entire school or a district. This feature is very important for a group of administrators to utilize in order to standardize on a set of approved walkthrough templates. In order…

  • Create a Template

    Everything you need to know about adding, editing and deleting questions

  • Setting up your Account

    The setup process is very intuitive and easy to follow for Education Walkthrough. Onboarding When you first create an account, you will be prompted to go through a few steps for onboarding. These steps will walk you through how to use the app, from the templates to teachers to reports….