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Rearrange Questions on a Template in Education Walkthrough

Here are the simple steps to rearrange or move questions around on a template. This feature is incredibly handy for principals aiming to tailor their observation templates to better fit the specific needs of observing various teaching styles and classroom environments.

Step-by-Step Guide to Rearranging Questions on a Template

Step 1: Navigate to Templates

  • Begin by logging into your EducationWalkthrough dashboard. On the left sidebar, locate and click on the ‘Templates’ option to view all your saved templates.

Step 2: Select Your Desired Template

  • Browse through your collection of templates and identify the one you wish to edit. Once located, click the ‘Edit’ button corresponding to that particular template.

Step 3: Rearrange Questions

  • You’ll now be able to view all the questions listed on your template. To rearrange them, simply click and hold on a question. Drag it to your desired location on the template and release the click to drop it into place. The process is intuitive, allowing for easy adjustments until the questions are organized to your preference.

Step 4: Save Your Changes

  • After successfully rearranging the questions as per your requirements, proceed to the top right corner of the page and click the ‘Save’ button. This action will instantly save all the adjustments made to your template.

Step 5: Review Your Edited Template

  • It’s always a good practice to review the changes to ensure that the template aligns with your expectations. You can easily go back and make additional adjustments if necessary by repeating the steps above.

Visual Guide

For a more visual and interactive guide on how to perform these steps, please refer to the video below. The tutorial offers a comprehensive walk-through, ensuring you can effectively and efficiently rearrange questions on your templates.


EducationWalkthrough.com is committed to providing principals with a seamless experience, ensuring that they can customize templates to fit various observation needs. By following these easy steps, users can effortlessly rearrange questions, enhancing the flexibility and adaptability of the observation process. For any further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team or explore more helpful guides and tutorials in our support section.

Happy Observing!

Updated on October 17, 2023

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