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What can I do if my teachers are not receiving any emails?

If you, your colleagues, or your teachers are not receiving any emails follow this guide to unblock or whitelist email sent by Education Walkthrough.

If you’re from a US school district

Many US school districts have an IT policy saying that teachers are not allowed to receive emails from outside the school district. If you want your teachers to receive emails from Education Walkthrough, contact the IT department of your school district and send them to this page.

If you are from the IT department go to the section “Unblocking or whitelisting emails from Eduflow” on this page.

Unblocking or whitelisting emails from Education Walkthrough

Emails sent by Education Walkthrough use the following “From”and “Reply-To” fields:

from: USER'S NAME (Education Walkthrough) <feedback@educationwalkthrough.com>
reply-to: feedback@educationwalkthrough.com

If your system whitelists based on the domain, you should whitelist the following domains:


If your system whitelists based on the full email address, you should whitelist the following email addresses:


If you block email based on the sender IP address, you’ll need to unblock or whitelist the IP addresses listed under “Outbound SMTP Servers” on this page. Email team@educationwalkthrough.com for more information.

Sample Email to Send to Your IT Team

When sending this email feel free to cc team@educationwalkthrough.com, so we can support you.

SUBJECT:Blocked Emails Issue

Hi IT Team,

Hope you're doing well.

We have purchased software for classroom walkthroughs called Education Walkthrough at SCHOOL NAME.

This app sends feedback to the teacher via an attached PDF to the observed teacher’s email address. When we use their default Education Walkthrough email addresses to send the email, the email does not get to the intended teacher. 

The email address appears to be blocked by the District. The company shared this article on how to whitelist the email addresses.

Can you help me get emails to their intended recipient?
Thank you in advance,
Updated on August 24, 2023

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