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Customizing Templates for Classroom Walkthroughs and Teacher Observations in Educational Walkthrough

Enhance your classroom walkthroughs and teacher observations with our versatile rubric templates. Tailored to facilitate a comprehensive and efficient evaluation process, our templates are equipped with various question types to capture a holistic view of classroom dynamics and teacher performance. Create and personalize your rubrics via our web-based Dashboard or on-the-go with our user-friendly mobile app.

Question Types

1. Multiple Choice:
  • Description: Enables observers to choose from predefined options or custom options, streamlining the process.
  • Application: Ideal for assessing specific teaching criteria, like classroom management styles or teaching methodologies, where options are mutually exclusive.
2. Free Form:
  • Description: Facilitates both short and long textual responses, granting flexibility for detailed observations or scripting lessons.
  • Application: Perfect for noting observations, providing feedback, or capturing dialogues during lessons.
3. Checkbox (i.e. List of Look-fors):
  • Description: Presents a checklist of observable behaviors or environmental factors in the classroom.
  • Application: Use this to quickly identify and mark the presence or absence of specific elements during an observation.
4. Yes/No:
  • Description: Offers a binary choice for straightforward assessment.
  • Application: Efficient for questions that require a clear, dichotomous response, such as the availability of teaching aids or adherence to protocols.
5. Information:
  • Description: Provides essential information, norms, or descriptions to guide the observer. It features a show/hide button for easy navigation.
  • Application: Use to clarify rating criteria, explain observation parameters, or provide additional context for specific questions or sections of the rubric.

Creating Rubric Templates

Web-Based Dashboard:
  1. Log into your Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Template and “Create New Template.”
  3. Add questions and select the appropriate type based on your observation criteria.
  4. Integrate “Information” type for clarifications or guidelines, beneficial for ensuring consistency in evaluations.
  5. Customize and organize the template to align with your observation goals, then save.
Mobile App:
  1. Open the app on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to Template and “Create New Template.”
  3. Insert questions, choosing from multiple choice, free form, checkbox, or yes/no options.
  4. Utilize the “Information” type to embed essential insights or guidelines within the template.
  5. Arrange, edit, and save your customized rubric for instant access during observations.


Our diverse question types and intuitive template creation tools empower educators and administrators to conduct thorough and consistent classroom walkthroughs and teacher observations. With the flexibility of crafting templates on both web and mobile platforms, evaluating and enhancing educational excellence has never been more accessible. For further queries or assistance, our support team is readily available to assist.

Updated on October 17, 2023

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