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Setting up your Account

The setup process is very intuitive and easy to follow for Education Walkthrough.


When you first create an account, you will be prompted to go through a few steps for onboarding. These steps will walk you through how to use the app, from the templates to teachers to reports. It is important to review these steps before jumping into the app.

Adding your Signature

  1. To add your signature, go to Settings –> Signature
  2. Under Signature, you will find a white box that says “New Signature”
  3. Simply draw your signature with your finger
  4. Then click “Save”
  5. Your signature will be saved and be used automatically in each walkthrough. In the Report settings page, you can enable or disable your signature. Also, at anytime, you can create a new signature, just follow the steps above.

Create your first Template

Add your first Teacher

Complete your first Walkthrough

Updated on August 19, 2019

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