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December 2022 Product Updates

Add checkboxes & more with Template Editor 2.0

We decluttered the editor so updating templates feels more like a form. Add new question types, including checkboxes, multiple choice, yes/no, free form, and more. Quickly duplicate a question or delete it with a click of a button.


  • Add up to 10 options for each question
  • Change question type to multiple choice, free form, check box, yes/no, or information
  • Can duplicate or delete a question
  • Automatic saving of the template every few minutes
  • Edit the template name

Save a walkthrough and finish later

Take a break from your walkthrough without losing all your data! Pick up where you left off whenever works best for you – no need to start over!

Make sure emails get to teachers

Do you ever wonder if your emails reach the teacher? Worry no more! Our new feature sends completed walkthroughs directly to teachers using feedback@ educationwalkthrough.com, and lets you ‘cc’ yourself so that you can easily keep track of everything.

Pinpoint growth opportunities

Visualize how your staff is doing and what areas need support. Our analytics allow you to recognize trends across grades, departments, and schools easily. This data is crucial for identifying areas of improvement that’ll help unleash excellence in each teacher’s performance.

Other updates:

  • Added option to delete the entire account
  • Fixed Android email attachment
  • Added EW Standard walkthrough template to each user account automatically
  • Added manual adjustment for timezone under account settings
  • Added School name for each user when District user clicks All Schools list
Updated on December 1, 2022

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